Remote calls

void smp_call_function_oob(int cpu, smp_call_func_t func, void *info, bool wait)

This function schedules a function call on a target CPU. It is semantically equivalent to the regular smp_call_function_single() routine, except that its runs the callback on the out-of-band stage with hard irqs off.

  • cpu

    The target CPU number to run the callback function on, which must be fast and non-blocking. The current CPU may issue a function call to itself, in which case func is executed before this call returns. Otherwise, the CALL_FUNCTION_OOB_IPI interrupt is immediately sent to that CPU to notify it about the pending job.

  • func

    The callback function which should run on the target CPU. This callback receives the info pointer as its sole argument.

  • info

    An opaque pointer to pass to the function.

  • wait

    If true, wait until the function has completed on the target CPU.

  • This call may be invoked either from the in-band or out-of-band stages.

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